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Brazilian Waxing $25, Full Body Waxing - $60
Price: 25
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Posted By: SPA416  
Address: Wilson, Ave, North York, Ont M3L 1A5  
Whether it''''''''s an eyebrow waxing, bikini waxing, or our Famous Brazilian Waxing, You can expect to feel silky smooth for up to 6 weeks. Brazilian Waxing - $25 Eyebrow Waxing - $8 Upper Lip & Chin Waxing - $12 Under Arm Waxing - $12 Face (Brows Not Included ) - $15 Bikini Waxing - $15 Full Arms - $22 Full Leg - $25 Full Body Waxing Without Brazilian - $60 Full Body Waxing Brazilian Included - $75 We only use the highest quality waxes from Nufree Finipil and Berodin SPA 416 Wilson, Ave. North York M3L 1A5 Booking and Inquiries: Please email or call 647-782-3474 Certified Spa Therapist and Aesthetician

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