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Promo!Promo!!BlackBerry Porsche 9981 & iPhone 4S
Price: 750
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Date Posted: 11/20/2012 5:58:57 PM <<Previous Ad  Back to Results   Next Ad>>
Posted By: villashophome  
Address: , Swindon, Wiltshire sn3 4ns  
Welcome to Villa Shop Home We Specialize in the Sales and Supply of Brand New Unlocked BlackBerry Porsche Design P''''9981 with special PIN. For further inquiries feel free to contact us on: Product Information Powered by the 1.2 GHz single core Qualcomm MSM 8655 processor, the BlackBerry Porsche Design P''''9981 smartphone is a powerful performer. Capturing wonderful memories clearly is a breeze with this BlackBerry smartphone that is equipped with a 5 MP camera. We also have in stock iPhones,Ipad and Samsung Products. Thank you for looking!! Powered by Villa Shop Home® Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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