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Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian - A Mexican Odyssey
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Posted By: Janet313 Imagine swimming, surrounded by hundreds of giant manta rays in the Sea of Cortez, or riding the tail of a hurricane towards Hawaii while a second storm threatens to overtake your boat from behind. The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian, candidly chronicles the true life adventures of a family of four that set forth on a 52 foot sailboat to circumnavigate the world. The life-long dream of the head of the household seizes the family’s imagination and together they sail off on a voyage of discovery and often humorous misadventure, allowing the reader to experience what it is truly like on a daily basis to live the life of a ‘Sea Gypsy’ with a pair of precocious children and an initially apprehensive spouse as crew. The book covers the first year of the voyage, traversing the coast from Canada to Mexico; including being anchored in San Francisco during the assault on the World Trade Center -- experiencing the Golden Gate City gripped

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